The following tactics can help you find a pet-friendly apartment

Do you own a pet and are looking for an apartment? Finding an apartment that can permit you to live with your pet can be hard. Though more than 65% of the American population has pets, not all apartments are pet-friendly. Some of them have a strict policy regarding pets due to the damage that some animals leave on houses. This does not mean that you should give up on your best friend since you can still find an apartment that makes them feel welcome.

For you to find a pet-friendly apartment, online tools are your friend. They help you narrow down your search as you weed out apartments that don’tallow pets. Falling in love with a specific apartment only to find out that they don’t allow pets can be quite frustrating. To avoid this, consult apartment quest to help you identify an ideal home for you and your pet.

You should also consider private landlords. Property managers owning apartments are harder to convince than a private landlord. You can easily negotiate with an individual owner who may not allow pets to make an exception. Most pet owners rely on them for companionship, and you may qualify for a support animal. If you have emotional issues and take comfort in your pet, the Fair Housing Act can protect your rights to live with the pet.

Since pets act as emotional support animals, understanding the law can help you keep your best friend. A landlord that forbids you to leave your pet when you have an emotional disability risks discrimination charges. As you apply for an apartment, you need to work on your pets resume so that you can impress the landlord and convince them to let you move in with your pet. You can even get a letter of recommendation from your dog trainer and present it to the landlord.

Come up with a pet resume and include details such as their age, breed, size, medical details as well as certifications. These details can be quite compelling to help you convince the apartment owner. You can even set up a pet interview with the landlord. As you pay your security deposit, you should consider paying a pet deposit too. Some of the apartments only accept pets if the tenant is willing to settle this payment upfront. Offering a pet deposit to a hesitant landlord can give them peace of mind in case the pet leaves some scratched floors on the apartment.

If you find a lovely apartment that offers affordable rent and allows pets, you should still take your time before signing the lease. You need to do some research so that you can ensure that the apartment is perfect for your pet. Consider the location of the apartment and look if it is near a park or pet care facility. Some of the flats provide pet-friendly services such as grooming and training of pets. Such a building can save you from extra expenses and make your pet feel at home.