A comparison between dorm life vs. apartment-living for college students

Are you looking forward to attending college? You have to make a lot of independent decisions starting from the right college for you as well as where to live. Going to college comes with a lot of freedom, and you can choose the dorm life or rent your own apartment. As you choose where to stay, you have to weigh both options and determine which one suits you best. We will help you out by comparing dorm life versus apartment living. Enjoy!

In most colleges, first years students are required to stay in the dorm. This option gives you access to utilities such as water, internet, electricity, and cable. The cost of accommodation on campus, therefore, may be higher than apartment living due to the inclusion of such utilities. As a freshman, living in a dorm can help you meet a lot of people and make new friends. College dorms organize social activities from time to time to bring people together. You may be able to attend a lot of club functions while staying on campus.

The dorms also have people in charge to help students when in need. If you have an emergency, you may get help from a resident advisor when living in a dorm. The problem with this life is that it comes with less privacy since dorms are like social places. You may have to share your cube with other roommates making it hard to enjoy some alone time. This can interfere with your study time if you don’t put boundaries on when to socialize and when to study. Dorm living also means that you have to share communal spaces with other students.

If this is not what you want, consult apartment quest to help you find a nice apartment near your college. Living in an apartment as a student prepares you for independence. You have to make your own budget and decide what you need for your apartment. This teaches you how to be an adult since there is no supervision. You also get to enjoy your own space since it comes with privacy. Unlike in dorm where you have to abide by campus rules, living in an apartment gives you the freedom to do what you want. You can still get to interact with friends as you invite them to your house regularly.

Apartments near colleges charge cheaper rates since students mostly occupy them. You may, therefore, find yourself saving more from living off campus than in dorms. Due to privacy in apartments, you can focus on your studies without the interruption of friends. You don’t have to share communal spaces since you have your own bedroom and cooking space. Since security is a concern with apartment living, you need to ensure you choose one that takes security seriously. If you are still confused about which option is right for you, you can try dorm living for one semester and move out the next semester if it does not satisfy your needs.